Spring Coffee

Located in Irvine, CA, Spring Coffee & Tea is a new proprietary coffee and tea business at the base of multifamily, Class-A apartment building named Main Street Village. The shop provides a convenient, appealing amenity for residents and nearby office workers in an area with few other options nearby. Legacy Partners asked us to help improve resident utilization and business performance of this great lobby retail/amenity mash-up, and our love of hot, brewed beverages aside, we were excited about the opportunity to help shape a new business into something spectacular.


Spring Coffee & Tea is located in Irvine, CA, a growing city in Orange County with a vibrant community, several universities, and a fascinating history.

Asset Class

Spring Coffee & Tea is a proprietary coffee and tea business at the entrance of a multifamily apartment, Main Street Village.


Legacy Partners had recently won the third-party property management assignment for the building and called us in the analyze the shop brand and product strategies.

Product and Brand Positioning

Product Positioning // Brand Positioning

After geeking out on (read: extensively sampling) the coffee and tea shop itself, we set to work creating a product strategy and master brand strategy that aligned the shop concept, identity, and product offerings to the Main Street Village brand, and its strong focus on green, clean, and modern living. The strategies included exceptionally targeted marketing and five-star service for residents, a committed and deeply known audience with few other coffee and tea options nearby.

Product Planning

Revenue Modeling

We modeled the ways that the coffee shop could capture more repeat business among residents, more transactions per resident, and a higher average ticket value per transaction to get to their target revenue and NOI goals. We then provided estimates for the activities and investments required to rebrand the retail/amenity space, and to market it more effectively and efficiently to its more promising and loyal audience: residents.