Rivage is an apartment building in Portland’s Frontside neighborhood with one of the most creative interior packages we’ve ever seen — from furniture and fixtures to curated artwork. Featuring vintage touches with nautical flair and a splash of Hollywood glamour, and set against the banks of the Willamette River, it’s a tastemaker’s dream in one of the few authentic, industrial areas left in Portland. The team at Greystar sought our help to hit its lease-up goal at this unique asset in a crowded market, and we couldn’t wait to get started.


Rivage is one of the first buildings in the emerging new Portland neighborhood of Frontside, steps from everything you love about Portland: the Willamette river, terrific grocers, restaurants, and waterfront trails and parks.

Asset Class

A luxury multifamily apartment with 260 units, Rivage is home to an array of high-finish amenities and sustainable features.


We were brought in on this project by our longstanding friends over at Greystar, who introduced us to the owners and investors at Rivage, Fore Properties, and the Carlyle Group.

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning // Logo Refinements // Brand Lifestyle shoot

What makes Rivage particularly interesting is its inherent juxtaposition: its rent-driving strategy and high-quality, high-concept execution sits in fascinating contrast with the emerging, little-known neighborhood and gritty, industrial backdrop. A positioning and marketing strategy became clear: the appeal of unexpected combinations. A favorite new mash-up: life at Rivage.

Campaign Planning and Measurement

Marketing Audit // Campaign Baseline // Campaign Modeling // Campaign Plan // Campaign Performance Reporting

After reviewing the 2017 marketing performance, we realized that once someone interacts with Rivage, they are likely to tour; and once someone is inside the building, they are likely to rent. Rivage simply needed more traffic and inquiries to hit goal lease-up. That’s why part of our proposed solution included growing awareness of the Frontside neighborhood and shaping perceptions of this rapidly-changing micro-market as a great place to live.

Design and Content

Enhanced Website and Social // Redesigned Collateral // Event Strategy // Resident Referral Program Design // Move-In Gift Design

Bringing Rivage’s new brand positioning concept to life was a lot of fun. From faux fur coats in dive bar images to chicken and waffles happy hour events, and branded satin sleep masks gifted to prospective tenants with a sleepover invite, the strategy and tactics focused on showcasing the unique Rivage neighborhood vibe and lifestyle to those lucky enough to notice and latch on.

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