Osprey is a luxury apartment building in Portland’s truly beautiful, but widely understated South Waterfront neighborhood. Situated perfectly on the bank of the Willamette River, Osprey’s name was derived from the bird of prey that can be seen soaring high and diving into the river with one goal in mind. We saw this as the perfect metaphor for Osprey’s target audience and brand opportunity. Needless to say, when the Mack Urban Real Estate Group decided to bring us on to fast-track their target lease-up goals, like the osprey — we were ready to dive in.


Osprey is located in Portland’s South Waterfront, an up-and-coming and innovative green neighborhood.

Asset Class

A luxury multifamily apartment with 270 units, Osprey boasts sustainable living and unbeatable views of the Willamette River.


Mack Urban Real Estate Group is an exciting new client who was introduced to us through our existing connections at the Carlyle Group.

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

With such a strong message behind the name ‘Osprey’, we were able to clearly identify the positioning strategy and target audiences that needed to be pursued. This asset was the perfect home for those soaring to new heights — and who better personifies that statement than the underserved OHSU students and young professionals in Portland’s South Waterfront?

Campaign Planning and Measurement

Marketing Audit // Marketing Baseline // Campaign Modeling // Campaign Plan

After taking a deep dive into Osprey’s 2017 marketing performance, we were quick to identify what was working and what wasn’t. We knew that creating relationships between residents and their budding neighborhood was critical, so we proposed events, gifts, and CSR strategies that created a sense of community and giving back.

Design and Content

Enhanced Website and Social // Digital Ad Refinements // Tour Collateral Design // Event Strategy and Planning // Move-In Gift Design // Tour Gift Design

Tapping into the roots of Osprey’s name and meaning was essential in all design elements. For those who have set their sights on new heights, we curated original osprey artwork from around the world, handcrafted stamps and lettering for events, and enhanced social and web experiences to reflect prospective tenants’ values.

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