Design meaningful brands.
Measurably increase cash flow.
Create exceptional asset value.

VMO is an ideal option for innovative executives in the real estate sector, be it commercial, multifamily, mixed-use, hospitality, tourism and more. A Virtual Marketing Office provides you with outsourced marketing expertise and capacity to help you achieve your key business objectives. We also offer you resource flexibility, fresh eyes, and cross-industry perspective to advance and support your organization's most important initiatives and benefit teams, brands, and campaigns.

Brand Strategy

Be authentic, attractive, and different in a crowded space

VMO follows a proven, step-by-step process that ensures effective real estate branding each and every time. Whether it’s a ground-up development, significant repositioning, upcoming acquisition or disposition, we will deliver a powerful brand strategy that is authentic to your unique strengths, attractive to your target segments, and different from your key competitors in today’s crowded multifamily and office markets. Your brand strategy can and should guide key components of your asset strategy, from architecture, amenities, FF&E and artwork, to web presence, collateral, tour gifts and social engagement – integrated to ensure a cohesive experience at every touch point for prospects and tenants.

Campaign Planning and Measurement

Get off the tactical treadmill, gain clarity and confidence

VMO believes that real estate marketing can and should be crystal clear: about how your lease-up campaign has performed in the past, how it compares to others’ efforts, and how it could be different, including numerical, measurable goals and objectives, balanced tactics, and useful key performance indicators. From reputation-building and demand creation to sales enablement and market intelligence, your campaign resources should be allocated in a thoughtful, strategic way. VMO’s proprietary Campaign Analytics begin with a custom campaign baseline, benchmarking for helpful context, and modeling of instructive future-state scenarios. We then deliver a detailed campaign plan designed to get you where you want to be: stabilized and thriving, with great return on marketing investment.

Design and Content

Delight your team, prospects and tenants with great creative

VMO taps into a range of design disciplines, carefully selected from our global network, to deliver the creative assets required to meet your unique real estate branding and marketing goals. We provide tactical support for every aspect of your campaign plan, from press releases and social posts to websites and custom email templates, from brochures and tour gifts to secret shopping and Google Analytics deep dives. Our campaign creative services ensure a seamlessly integrated, end-to-end experience for our clients, with their brand strategies and campaign plans are executed flawlessly for desired cash flow.