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Welcome to our VMO summer newsletter, highlighting exciting recent developments at our firm and in commercial real estate at large. In this issue, we’re pleased to introduce you to women shaking up the industry (see spotlight on Cait Carew of Lake Union Partners below), share shiny new VMO project case studies, and dive into trends in the white-hot industrial space right now. Delight in these last few weeks of summer, they go quickly!

Until then, Anna-Lea, Erina, and the VMO Team

“Always deliver more than expected.” — Larry Page

Kick-Ass Women in Real Estate

It’s official. Official that VMO is now a certified women-owned business. For those of you who missed the saga that goes along with getting approved, check it out here. We are champions for women in the real estate industry, and especially those in ownership and leadership roles. So we decided to create a new section of our newsletter that highlights kick-ass women in our industry who are changing the game each and every day. Let’s start with Cait Carew.

Meet Cait Carew. Cait is an Asset Manager (and master of all) at renowned Lake Union Partners, an urban real estate firm in Seattle, WA specializing in some of the hottest and most innovative residential mixed-use and commercial projects in metropolitan markets throughout the West. Go behind-the-scenes with Cait and learn about how she made it to where she is, what her top real estate pet peeves are (we promise you’ll never say “resi” again), and what she would put on the billboard of her life. Read on.

A Look Back

Last month, we launched redesigned case studies

Word on the street is that you like fewer words and more pictures. We get it. So we made some changes to our website ‘Work’ section and created brand-spanking new case studies to share with all of you. We’re releasing new ones weekly through August and September, so come back again soon! Check it out.

Project Crush

New Lab is a new home for hardware startups in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard

Old school industrial is so yesterday – we are loving these innovative new concepts taking shape in the industrial built space. Check out New Lab, once shipbuilding facility, now a collaborative workspace. Home to tenants redefining the future of technology and human experience, New Lab provides resources for entrepreneurs to innovate and collaborate in a variety of disciplines including robotics, AI, connected devices, nanotechnology, urban tech, and more. Read more.

VMO Wins Judges’ Choice at Seattle Tech Talks

Ever heard of Seattle Tech Talks? It’s sort of like Shark Tank meets American Idol. VMO has an exciting new commercial real estate marketing analytics application in the works, and we showcased it to investors, influencers and other tech industry players on August 10, aiming to beat the other nine startups competing for seed funding. After pitching it in front of a live audience and panel of judges with esteemed leaders from GeekWire, Pioneer Square Labs, and Caliber Real Estate, we’re honored to share that VMO won Judges’ Choice, *technically* coming in second place based on audience voting to a local hardware startup. (Robbed!) Watch this space.

Watch video. 

When is the right time to begin a brand strategy?

We get asked this question a lot. And most of the time, it’s already too late. We frequently see brand strategy kick off during or even at late stages of architectural design, when many decisions have already been made, and TCO deadlines have begun to loom. If you’re wondering when you should start thinking about your asset’s brand strategy, the answer is yesterday. Read why.

Industry News

Industrial real estate is unlike its ever been before

While working on a 1M SF Industrial project outside of Portland, Oregon, we became engrossed by the way that industrial real estate is changing—both rapidly and dramatically. And in very exciting and interesting ways. Often considered as outdated, unwanted, and massive assets by many in the past, their versatility is becoming clear. Industrial assets are being adapted to provide space for e-commerce fulfillment centers, apartments, condos, research centers, breweries, artists’ workshops, and so much more. With the growth of e-commerce and sophisticated automation, industrial projects are soaring like never before.


Cool Project Launch: Rivage

Discovering unexpected combinations in Portland’s Frontside neighborhood.

When Greystar came to us for help with this spectacular luxury multifamily in the heart of old, industrial Portland, we couldn’t wait to dive right in. We developed a strategy to highlight the fantastic building, and also the fantastic neighborhood, and the interesting and wildly appealing juxtaposition of the two. From custom sleep masks to dive bar lifestyle photography, this unexpected combination is already performing 4 leased units ahead of target. Check it out.

If You Build It, How Will They Come?

For multifamily owners with new developments in progress, planning their lease-up campaigns can sometimes feel confusing and abstract. For both pre-leasing and post-TCO campaigns, it can be hard to know how to approach setting goals, budgets, and schedules, and how to measure success apart from lease application submissions and occupancy rates. We’re here to make it easier. Read more.


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