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First quarter of 2018 has flown by and what an exciting time it is to be in real estate with disruptions rocking the industry at every turn. In the second edition of our VMO newsletter we bring you some of the best and brightest ideas, projects, and leaders in the business. We’ll also share with you Top Trends We’re Watching, chime in with our perspective on the increasingly heated debate about whether it’s worth it (or not) to trademark a building’s brand and name, and much more. As always, we’d love to hear from you, so should you have thoughts or comments, please drop us a line. Until then, enjoy these longer days and first tastes of spring.

Cheers, Anna-Lea, Erina, and the VMO Team


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.” — Stephen Hawking

Top 3 Real Estate Trends We’re Watching

  1. Salt Lake City is the One to Watch — Salt Lake City may be #3 on ULI’s List of Markets to Watch, but it’s top of ours. With affordable land costs, high quality of life, an educated work force, and unprecedented access to the outdoors, it’s no surprise investors, developers, and owners are flocking to this historically ignored, emerging market.
  2. It’s Technology Time in CRE — While commercial real estate may be an industry that’s been known for its stodgy behaviors and old-fashioned ways, these times they are a-changin’. Every facet of the business is being shaped by technology, from leveraging data to develop better analytics and planning to sophisticated measurement that informs investors of their true ROI.
  3. Bigger Isn’t Always Better — Micro-apartments as a concept aren’t new, but the continued steam they are picking up make them worth a second look and more. As employment in top markets continues to soar and millennial professionals want to be in the urban core, micro-apartments may become the next it thing, be it via integration into standard multifamily developments or as standalone projects.

It’s Time To Trademark Your Assets (And We’re Not Talking About Your Buildings)

To trademark or not to trademark? That is the question. With owners, investors, and developers making increasingly large investments in their assets’ brand developments to stand out from the crowd, the number of groups who trademark their buildings remains surprisingly low. Find out why this should be on your list of things to do this year (or perhaps next week). Read more.

 Cool Project Launch

Unlocking New Retail and Office Spaces in Downtown Denver
They say what’s old is new again, and nothing could be truer with the currently in progress repositioning of the historic, 1907 Colorado Business Bank building in Denver, recently rebranded as The Vault. Visit here to explore the hottest office and retail space to open in the heart of downtown Denver. With a rich history, unique architecture, and spectacular interiors, Harbor Associates and VMO invite you to unlock a new story at The Vault, re-opening this year.

Geeking Out on Data

Number of Coworking Spaces Worldwide from 2005 to 2018

Data doesn’t lie — coworking spaces are on the rise, and rising fast. You have seen them popping up everywhere, WeWork being one of the most prominent names in the biz. See the chart below for insight into 13 years of global coworking space growth.

Sources: Deskmag; Nexudus; essensys; GCUC. Chart from Statista.com. 2018

Affordable Housing Deserves Great Branding

Great architectural design is often seen as a luxury commodity, only accessible to the wealthiest developers and tenants. A similar perception exists surrounding great branding. After reading John Cary’s “Design For Good: A New Era of Architecture For Everyone,” we got to thinking: how can we help deliver great brand strategies for owners and residents of affordable housing projects with below market-rate rents, where they could have tremendous impact and benefit?

Read more.

Project Crush

Innovative Amenities in Vancouver, BC
We all know you can’t compete on asset alone, pushing the development of amenities to become ever more innovative. Check out this Kengo Kuma installation of a teahouse atop a Vancouver roof terrace complete with a pop-up store for Japanese brand Muji – its first retail outpost in Vancouver – set up off the lobby.

Community Commitment 

Supporting Young Women Has Never Been More Important
As a certified woman-owned business, we are actively aware of the imbalances as it relates to women in leadership roles and pay equity. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Y-We, a Seattle-based nonprofit that empowers young women from diverse backgrounds to step up as leaders in their schools, communities, and the world. This is why, we are proud and honored to announce our partnership with Y-We, a Seattle-based nonprofit that empowers young women from diverse backgrounds to step up as leaders in their schools, communities, and the world. For each and every one of you who participated in our 2017 Holiday Survey, we donated $20 to Y-We. Furthermore, we will be working with them in a pro-bono partnership to help drive their 2018 brand strategy. Learn more about Y-We here.

Funnel Vision: What Should My Lease-Up Campaign Numbers Look Like?

At VMO, we love data, including marketing and sales metrics. And we notice that many real estate executives find themselves overwhelmed and confused by the data their teams collect, as there’s no simple way to understand and act on it as it relates to their asset performance. Sound familiar?

Keep reading.

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