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The Lost Art of the Creative Brief

Contributed by Anna-Lea Dieringer, Virtual Marketing Officer / Why doesn’t anyone write creative briefs anymore? Apparently, I’m old school; I am a strong believer in the creative brief. It’s a critically important document that outlines key elements of a design project, such as background, audience, goals, objectives, and requirements.

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Giving Your Asset an Unfair Advantage

Contributed by Erina Malarkey, Virtual Marketing Officer / We all know it. The top U.S. cities are hot right now. San Francisco house prices have risen 65 percent in just a few years. Amazon has over 9,000 open jobs in Seattle. And then there are the cranes.

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Introducing VMO

Brand & Sea is now VMO It’s been just one year since we launched as Brand & Sea, and now we

Four days away and we're already celebrating. Stay tuned for our official rebrand announcement next week!

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Brand Debt and Brand Equity: Where Do You Stand?

Contributed by Anna-Lea Dieringer, Virtual Marketing Officer / Tech debt is a term frequently used by developers and defined as a concept in programming that reflects the extra development work that arises when code that is easy to implement in the short run is used instead of applying the best overall solution.

Anna-Lea and Erina, Co-Founders of VMO

Designing a Micro, Woman-owned Business

Contributed by Anna-Lea Dieringer, Virtual Marketing Officer / Starting a business has been the scariest decision we ever made and the most fun we’ve ever had.