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Attention Haters: Project Management Is Your Secret Weapon

Contributed by Anna-Lea Dieringer, Virtual Marketing Officer / We’ve all been tempted, at least once or twice before, to say statements like, “Can’t we just do everything in the scope of work except the project management part?”

East Howe Steps - Multi-Family Unit with Beautiful, Large Art Piece & Sun Shining Through

Why It Takes More Than Just a Sexy Building to Meet Your Pro Forma in Today’s Market

Contributed by Erina Malarkey, Virtual Marketing Officer / At VMO, we focus on three critical factors of every real estate project: the business goals for the asset, the brand image and experience the developer seeks to create, and the built environment where the proverbial brick and mortar comes to bear.

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Creating Value for Tenants, Owners, and Communities

Contributed by Anna-Lea Dieringer & Erina Malarkey, Virtual Marketing Officers / At VMO, our mission is to create exceptional value for people, businesses, and communities. As a firm with a strong focus on real estate and the experience economy, this mission is ever-present in our minds when we embark on a new office or multi-family project.

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Disrupting Real Estate: Why Traditional Marketing Isn’t Working Anymore

Contributed by Erina Malarkey, Virtual Marketing Officer / It’s undeniable that the real estate industry is largely antiquated in its approach to branding and marketing, at both the corporate and asset levels.