Creating Value for Tenants, Owners, and Communities

Contributed by Anna-Lea Dieringer & Erina Malarkey, Virtual Marketing Officers

At VMO, our mission is to create exceptional value for people, businesses, and communities. As a firm with a strong focus on real estate and the experience economy, this mission is ever-present in our minds when we embark on a new office or multi-family project. We consider how tenants, owners, and communities can and will benefit from our work and our clients’ investments, and enjoy different, more meaningful experiences as a result of our approach.

The people who are best suited to use and enjoy the project—those who will ultimately live, work, shop and socialize within and outside its walls—are our primary focus. We determine who they are, what we believe they want and need, and how they are likely to interact with the project’s key features. We champion their future expectations and desired experiences via an embedded design philosophy among architects, interior designers, art consultants, brokers, and property managers; we ensure the end user is never forgotten through the development or construction process.

We also aim to create exceptional value for businesses along the way. For developers, investors, brokers, and property managers, we consistently and carefully evaluate the best use of their time and financial resources. We determine the expected investment required to achieve success, look for ways to value engineer where possible, and ensure the expenses ‘pencil’ in terms of expected returns. We deliver strategies, plans, and assets that attract and retain the hearts and minds of tenants and customers, keeping buildings leased up at top of market rent rates and retailers hopping. When buildings are full and thriving with satisfied occupants and visitors, owners and communities prosper.

In every project we work on, we consider ways in which the building can and should contribute to its neighborhood, the larger market, and the world. From concept to construction to delivery, every stage presents a tremendous opportunity to enhance its surrounding environment through design, art, sustainability, and programming. If a development or repositioning can make a street more beautiful, breathe life back into forgotten buildings and abandoned neighborhoods, ensure a minimal carbon footprint and sustainable future for all of us, and bring friends and strangers together in critical ‘third places,’ our success far exceeds money or pro forma achievement.

We look forward to seeing how our current and future real estate projects continue to create value for people, businesses, and communities and enjoy hearing stories about how yours do the same. Share your thoughts with us anytime.

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