Campaign Forensics – Hunting Down the Perp

Contributed by Anna-Lea Dieringer, Virtual Marketing Officer

One of our favorite types of projects is when we get to play campaign detectives, identifying reasons why business owners and executives aren’t seeing the results they wanted and expected from their marketing and sales efforts. We have done this for fashion, real estate, and financial services clients, with results that were interesting to our clients and us each and every time. From target buyer insights to marketing > sales conversion rate patterns, no project is every the same. Two recent examples: we discovered a luxury apartment client had an exceptionally high number of female and lesbian tenants compared to its competitors (and a significant positioning opportunity), and another had exceptionally high marketing to sales conversion numbers, indicating an effective series of online tactics, and exceptionally low sales to closed/won deal numbers, indicating issues at the on-site, in-person level. One model unit and collateral refresh later, numbers have turned in the right direction all around.

As all good detectives do, we approach each project in three key ways:

Street work – Interviewing the witnesses, talking to informants, stakeholders, and observing the scene of the crime (a front door or ‘checkout’ page on the website). Someone’s going to talk. And sometimes forget they’re on mute.

Forensic evidence – This is where the science comes in. While we don’t mess with hair strands or black lights, we do look carefully at real and digital foot prints. From in-person to online buyer journey evaluations to auditing marketing and sales tactics, we often discover key insights that help solve business problems and get campaigns ‘unstuck’.

Records investigation – Looking through budgets, pro formas, CRMs, P&Ls, tactical metrics, social commenting, and online reviews. Doing some math (thank you Excel) and evaluating places where clients may be doing too much, too little, or nothing at all, based on benchmarks and goals.

Once we’ve exhausted all three sources, we’re ready to make our arrest. Sometimes it’s Marketing. Sometimes it’s Sales. Sometimes it’s Product. Always, the results are surprising. If your campaign is borderline criminal in nature, let us know. We’d love to help.

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