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Summer Newsletter

Hello Welcome to our VMO summer newsletter, highlighting exciting recent developments at our firm and in commercial real estate at

Kick-Ass Women in Real Estate: Cait Carew

Cait is an Asset Manager (and master of all) at renowned Lake Union Partners, an urban real estate firm in Seattle, WA specializing in some of the hottest and most innovative residential mixed-use and commercial projects in metropolitan markets throughout the West. Go behind-the-scenes with Cait in our newest segment.

If You Build It, How Will They Come?

For multifamily owners with new developments in progress, planning their lease-up campaigns can sometimes feel confusing and abstract. We put together our tried and true tips for modeling and campaign planning that will help you set a reasonable, achievable goal today.

When’s the Right Time to Begin a Brand Strategy? BEFORE Architectural Design

We are often asked by our clients and prospects when they should begin brand strategy for a ground-up development or repositioning. The answer is sooner than you think. Much sooner.

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Spring Newsletter

In the second edition of our VMO newsletter we bring you some of the best and brightest ideas, projects, and leaders in the business.

Funnel Vision: What Should My Lease-Up Campaign Numbers Look Like?

If you’re like any other smart real estate executives we’ve worked with, you’re asking yourself and your marketing team: Is our marketing investment performing well? The answer is in the data.

Affordable Housing Deserves Great Branding

Affordable housing is often overlooked in the high-stakes world of real estate branding and marketing – but we think it deserves the same degree of imagination and inspiration that market rate housing and the people who live in them deserve.