About Us

Achieve your real estate marketing objectives without adding headcount.

VMO provides marketing consulting services to the nation’s most innovative owners and developers to create unique brands and built environments that enrich lives, buildings, and communities. We embrace complex branding and marketing challenges related to new, repositioned, or underperforming assets, and we overcome those challenges with data-driven brand and marketing strategy, world-class campaign creative, and insightful measurement and reporting.

We are a boutique Certified Women Owned Business located in Seattle, Washington. Our savvy, driven team of marketing consultants will become the best hires you never had to make.

Because we are champions for women in the real estate industry, and especially those in ownership and leadership roles, we offer preferred pricing for women-owned businesses and developers. And because we believe in the work that we do and its ability to generate significant and measurable value, we will engage in fee-at-risk and equity partnership deals with innovative clients on select, high-potential projects. Lastly, because we are committed to social good, we offer discounted or pro bono services to nonprofit organizations, homeless and affordable housing initiatives to help ensure successful outcomes for all types of communities.

Anna-Lea Dieringer

Virtual Marketing Officer,

Anna-Lea Dieringer is a seasoned marketer with over two decades of experience across a range of industries. She is objective and methodical, with eyes always locked on the bigger picture. Her expertise in research, strategy, design, measurement and insights, in tandem with her goal-driven methods, have resulted in an unflinching command of world-class branding and marketing practices. The projects she spearheads will be done right the first time–and the results will wow you.

Erina Malarkey

Virtual Marketing Officer,

Erina is a real estate marketing veteran with deep expertise in some of today’s hottest markets including Seattle, Portland, and Denver. A fearless but calculated risk-taker, she is always focused on the client’s goals and bottom line. Her depth of experience in real estate marketing and program management, combined with her high-energy, outcome-focused approach have resulted in the refined skill of game-changing leadership. Erina was a 2017 ‘One to Watch’ Finalist NAHB Multifamily Pillars of the Industry Awards.

Lauren Riebs

Virtual Marketing Producer

Lauren is driven and enthusiastic, fueled by her passion to make valuable impacts. From strategy to implementation, and all the countless details in between, Lauren is a critical member of any project team, helping turn clients’ visions into reality. With a background in content development and creative communications, she brings a spark to every project she touches, while her thoughtful attention to detail and love of systems ensures every deadline is met and expectation exceeded.

Lexi Stevenson

Virtual Marketing Producer

Lexi is a digital marketing maven who cares passionately about the work she does and the people she works with. With years of integrated marketing experience, she knows how to deliver tangible and meaningful results. She prides herself on being both highly effective and efficient, and makes sure every client and project has the attention and resources it needs to succeed. Her positivity, enthusiasm, and dedication to every project is genuine – and the results speak for themselves.

Dori Buckles

Virtual Marketing Producer

Dori is a perfect hybrid of client service expertise and project management excellence. She is an analytical, insightful problem solver with curiosity about what makes people tick, enviable intuition, and a pragmatic approach to solving clients’ biggest challenges and most exciting opportunities. Highly results-driven, Dori is deeply committed to ensuring success for each and every client on each and every project she’s leading.

Pam Dundas


Pam leads the finance function at VMO, exercising her fluency in the language of business. Her organizational precision and fastidious attention to numbers provide accurate and timely information for all VMO’s programs, projects, and clients. With a background in business studies and education, she brings her expertise to formulate responsible and savvy forecasting as well as day-to-day financial decision making.

World-class consultants advising VMO's principals

Kathy Clifford, Team Relationship Expert

Often referred to as a treasured ‘team doctor,’ Kathy moves beyond canned solutions to jump in, assess your team’s unique position, and coach the entire team to develop healthier relationships that lead directly to high-performance results. She caters to those clients dedicated to investing in and developing an active culture where employees are respected and empowered to serve the best interests of the organization.

Darrel Rhea, Rhea Insight

Darrel has over 30 years of experience consulting to executive management of Fortune 1000 companies, providing industry thought leadership demonstrated by two decades of public speaking around the world, media interviews, and authoring articles, blogs, and co-authoring the book Making Meaning. He has made significant contributions to the fields of design, market research, design research, and branding.